Denny's "Peach Dessert"
Make peaches luxurious!

Denny's will sell seasonal desserts made with fresh peaches from July 10th. 6 types (7 types depending on the store) are available.

Fresh peaches are made from the most delicious fruits in Japan's representative peach producing areas such as Yamanashi and Fukushima prefectures. Peach peaches that have been measured with an optical sensor before shipping and whose sugar content and hardness have been confirmed are peeled off one by one at the store and cooked for each order.

The store-limited "Luxury! Marugoto Peach Ice" is a luxurious dish that combines delicate pure ice shaved ice with a whole domestic peach. A fluffy cheesecake (Claim Danju) is hidden in the ice. The peach sauce made by mixing peaches for each order is the decisive factor for the taste. The price is 1,078 yen (tax included, same below). Sales time is from 15:00 to 23:00.

Denny's store limited "luxury! Whole peach ice"
Use one whole

"Fresh Peach The Sunday" is the Sunday that uses 1/2 of the fresh peaches. Contains refreshing peach sauce, peach jelly, nata de coco, mascarpone peach cream, and plum sorbet with sour accents. You can fully enjoy the taste and aroma of peaches until the last bite. The price is 862 yen.

Denny's "Fresh Peach The Sunday"
Full of glasses

"Peach Creme Danju" is a cheesecake with a fluffy creamy texture. Enjoy with fresh peaches and a refreshing sour Franboise sauce. The price is 592 yen.

Denny's "Peach Claim Danju"
Enjoy your mouth

In addition, "Peach Melba" (646 yen), "Fresh Peach Mini Parfait" (538 yen), "Peach Jelly Tailoring" (322 yen), and "Peach Fresh" (430 yen) will be on sale.

* Some stores have different contents during times when they are not sold.