8 kinds of chocolate flavors of Thirty One Ice Cream

Nakameguro Saeko (hereinafter referred to as Saeko) : Thirty One Ice Cream with various flavors depending on the season. I just buy a new one.

Konzaki : I understand. But the standard flavors are also delicious. There are various types of chocolate flavors alone.

Saeko : Let's eat and compare chocolate flavors!

8 types are lineup

・ Chocolate ・ Chopped chocolate ・ Chocolate chips ・ Rocky road ・ Jamoka almond fudge ・ Love potion Thirty one ・ Popping shower ・ Chocolate mint

8 kinds of chocolate flavors of Thirty One Ice Cream

Saeko : In addition to the chocolate-based flavor, I also chose one with chocolate as an accent.

Konzaki : I thought that if they were lined up, they would all turn brown, but they also look different.

Saeko : First of all, "chocolate". But it ’s more “cocoa flavor” than chocolate.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Chocolate"

Konzaki : It seems that two types of cocoa are used. At first it is bitter, but what remains in the aftertaste is the rich sweetness

Saeko : "Chopped chocolate" feels more like "royal road chocolate". The mellow sweetness of milk chocolate spreads

Thirty One Ice Cream "Chopped Chocolate"

Konzaki : It's delicious, but I can't help but be curious about the flavor explanation, "I studded chocolate that looks like it was crushed with karate chops." What is chocolate crushed with karate chop?

Saeko : (laughs). The crispy texture is a nice accent.

Konzaki : "Chocolate chips," which are a blend of vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips, have a similar texture. Smooth ice cream and chocolate with a nice texture go well together

Thirty One Ice Cream "Chocolate Chips"

Saeko : The taste feels more chocolate than vanilla. I'm healed by the sweet scent

Konzaki : "Rocky Road" contains almonds and marshmallows. The bumpy roads of the thawed Rocky Mountains are represented

Thirty One Ice Cream "Rocky Road"

Saeko : Melting ice cream, crispy almonds, crispy marshmallows and a variety of textures. Large almonds are lumpy and delicious!

Thirty One Ice Cream "Rocky Road"

Konzaki : I feel the sweetness, but the aftertaste is lighter than I expected. It's a delicious bumpy road

Saeko : "Jamoka Almond Fudge" is based on coffee ice cream with two kinds of beans drip. It contains chocolate and almonds

Thirty One Ice Cream "Jamoka Almond Fudge"

Konzaki: First, the scent of coffee that spreads softly. The gentle taste and richness will chase after you

Saeko : The base is clean, so it doesn't have to be too sweet with chocolate. Rich in flavor with the addition of fragrant almonds

Konzaki : Next is "Love Potion Thirty One," which Saeko seems to like. It seems to mean "love aphrodisiac"

Thirty One Ice Cream "Love Potion Thirty One"

Saeko : The heart-shaped chocolate is cute! The sweetness of white chocolate matches the refreshing acidity of raspberries.

Konzaki : If you get hooked, you can't stop eating, it's a fascinating taste. Heart chocolate has a strong presence not only in appearance but also in texture.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Love Potion Thirty One"

Saeko : "Popping Shower" and "Chocolate Mint" are the two that appeared in the comparison of eating "Mint Ice" of Thirty One.

Konzaki : The pop-rock candy-filled "popping shower" is irresistible for the crackling candy that pops.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Popping Shower"

Saeko : The mint and chocolate flavored ice cream is rich but has a refreshing aftertaste. The refreshing feeling of mint and the stimulation of candy are comfortable!

Konzaki : "Chocolate mint" is based on mint, so it's more refreshing. But the chocolate that melted with a time lag will insist firmly at the end

Thirty One Ice Cream "Chocolate Mint"

Saeko : A good balance of freshness and sweetness. The crispy texture of the chocolate is also good


Konzaki : Each had its own personality, but if you want to eat the royal road chocolate flavor, "chopped chocolate" is a good choice.

Saeko : Certainly, there was a more "chocolate feeling" than "chocolate". If you want to taste other flavors with chocolate, I recommend "Jamoka Almond Fudge" or "Chocolate Mint".

Konzaki : If you want to enjoy the texture, "Rocky Road" and "Popping Shower". Crunchy, crackling and never get tired of it until the end

Saeko : I hope it will be helpful for you to choose chocolate ice cream.