Komeda Coffee Shop "Shiro Noir Royal Peach"
Image of "Peach Melba"

At Komeda Coffee, the seasonal Shiro Noir "Shiro Noir Royal Peach" will be on sale for a limited time from July 13th (excluding some stores). Available in regular size and mini size.

Shiro Noir with the concept of British-born dessert "Peach Melba". Sandwich peach cream using seasonal peaches on other Danish pastries. Sweet and sour raspberry sauce is sprinkled on top of the soft serve ice cream. Topped with almond slices as a texture accent.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Shiro Noir Royal Peach"
Gorgeous appearance

The sweetness of peach cream and the acidity of raspberry sauce are a perfect balance. It seems that the scent of peach spreads softly with each bite.