Doutor Coffee Shop "Green Remoty Honey-Setouchi Lemon-"
A refreshing summer drink

At the Doutor Coffee Shop, four summer drinks and the new "Milan Sand A" will be available on July 12th.

"Green Lemony Honey-Setouchi Lemon-" is a drink that combines the juice and peel of lemon from Setouchi and honey lemon sauce using domestic honey with green tea with gyokuro. The sweet and sour taste of honey lemon spreads in the refreshing taste of tea. The price starts from 350 yen for S size (tax included, same below).

"Momo tea" is a fruit tea that combines peach mixed juice and iced tea using white peach and yellow peach, apple, and grape juice. The sweet scent and refreshing black tea go great together. The price starts from 350 yen for S size.

Doutor Coffee Shop "Peach Tea"
The appearance of the two layers is cool

"Apple & Shikuwasa Straight Juice" is a 100% straight juice that is a mixture of Shikuwasa juice from Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture and Fuji apple juice from Aomori Prefecture. You can enjoy the acidity and slight bitterness of Shikuwasa. The price starts from 380 yen for S size.

Doutor Coffee Shop "Apple & Shikuwasa Straight Juice"

"Momo mixed juice" is a juice made from white peach puree from Yamanashi prefecture. By mixing yellow peach juice, white grape juice, and apple juice, it is finished with a refreshing aftertaste while bringing out the sweetness and richness of peaches. The price starts from 380 yen for S size.

Doutor Coffee Shop "Peach Mixed Juice"
Mix grapes and apples

"Milan Sand A Beef Pastrami & Prosciutto" is a new Milan Sand A that combines the flavors of beef pastrami and salty prosciutto. Doutor's confident work that is particular about the response to eating and the deep taste while combining simple ingredients. The price is 440 yen.

Doutor Coffee Shop "Milan Sand A"
No doubt combination