Lawson "Coconut Milk Cream Pancakes"
New arrival sweets in midsummer at Lawson! (All image sources are official websites)

New arrival sweets such as "coconut milk cream pancakes" will be on sale from July 3rd at each Lawson store. Here are 6 items in the lineup of interest!

・ Coconut milk cream pancake 285 yen (tax included, same below)

Lawson "Coconut Milk Cream Pancakes"

A three-layer moist and chewy pancake layered with coconut-flavored milk cream. Coconut milk cream is also sprinkled on top, topped with macadamia nut sauce and macadamia nuts.

・ Citrus jasmine tea jelly 295 yen

Lawson "Citrus Jasmine Tea Jelly"

"Fruit tea sweets" with jasmine tea jelly layered on blood orange jelly. Orange slices, grapefruits, and pink grapefruits are floating in the center. A refreshing taste that mainly uses citrus fruits.

・ Anno pure cream with Noto Dainagon Daifuku 130 yen

Lawson "Anno Pure Cream Daifuku with Noto Dainagon"

Daifuku is a combination of special bean paste and fresh cream. By combining the large and fragrant "Noto Dainagon" with the bean paste of "Kitaroman Azuki" from Hokkaido, you can get a more flavorful finish. Combined with pure fresh cream from Hokkaido, it is wrapped in a soft mochi dough.

・ Bran manuka honey grilled donut 125 yen

Lawson "Bran Manuka Honey Grilled Donuts"

A moist baked donut made by mixing jelly with manuka honey and "Astragalus honey" called "King of honey" in a dough containing bran flour. The finish is coated with white chocolate that contains less sugar.

・ Sata Andagi 3 pieces 125 yen

Lawson "Sata Andagi 3 pieces"

A plain type cake donut with a refreshing surface and a moist inside. It is a spherical fried donut that uses a lot of sugar, which is familiar in Okinawa. "Sarter" means sugar, and "andagi" means "under (oil)" and "aggie (fried)".

・ Uchi Cafe Fruit Bar Sato Nishiki 80ml (2.71us fl oz) 160 yen

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Fruit Bar Sato Nishiki 80ml"

A fruit bar that uses 31% of Yamagata cherry "Sato Nishiki" juice. You can enjoy the refreshing aroma and sweet and sour taste of Sato Nishiki.