7-ELEVEN Limited Haagen-Dazs "Japone [Azuki Layer] -Kinako Condensed Milk Tailoring-"
New to 7-ELEVEN Limited Haagen-Dazs!

7-ELEVEN Limited Haagen-Dazs, "Japone [Azuki Layer] -Kinako Condensed Milk Tailoring-" will be released on July 3rd. The estimated price is 360 yen (tax included).

This is a new product of the "Japone series" jointly developed by 7-ELEVEN and Haagen-Dazs. This is the 10th ice cream dessert that is particular about the authentic Japanese taste.

A combination of refined red bean paste, flavorful azuki ice cream, and salted condensed milk sorbet, which is a mixture of textured azuki beans. You can enjoy the taste of azuki beans in various ways.

Furthermore, by sandwiching a fragrant and sweet kinako sauce in the middle, it seems that the "creative Japanese sweets" that are typical of the Japone series are expressed.