Jonathan "Marugoto! Fresh Domestic White Peach Parfait DX"
Great impact!

The "Melting White Peach" fair is being held from June 14th to July 11th at the family restaurant Jonathan. A lineup of "reward sweets" that use plenty of white peaches.

"Marugoto! Fresh Domestic White Peach Parfait DX" is a parfait on which domestic white peaches cut at the store after receiving an order are placed like a crown. Layers of white peach jelly, white peach sorbet, mascarpone mousse with reduced sweetness, and soft serve ice cream are layered. It's the perfect "Jonathan's serious sweets" when you want to fully enjoy the sweets.

The price is 1,199 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). Sold at 89 Jonathan stores from 14:00 to 23:00.

Other lineups are as follows.

Fresh domestic white peach parfait 749 yen

Jonathan "Fresh Domestic White Peach Parfait"

Fluffy mascarpone mousse and white peach pancake 799 yen

Jonathan "Fluffy Mascarpone Mousse and White Peach Pancakes"

Homemade pudding and white peach Sunday 599 yen

Jonathan "Homemade Pudding and White Peach Sunday"

White peach and yogurt mini parfait 399 yen

Jonathan "Mini Parfait with White Peach and Yogurt"

White peach sorbet 249 yen

Jonathan "White Peach Sorbet"