Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Egg Curry Big"
Rich curry

Nissin Foods will release "Cup Noodle Egg Curry Big" on June 25th. The estimated price is 205 yen (excluding tax).

An arrangement recipe that is gaining popularity on SNS, where you eat cup noodles with hot spring eggs as a topping. The second product that is perfect for the "onsen tamago topping" will be released.

Compared to "Cup Noodle Curry", the "120% thick" curry soup is characterized by its stronger thickness and richer taste. If you top it with hot spring eggs, the taste will increase and you can enjoy the best taste.

Nissin Foods "Cup Noodle Egg Curry Big"
Put hot spring eggs on it if you like

For the ingredients, we used plenty of green onions and fluffy eggs so that the soup could not be seen. It seems that it is finished in a satisfying cup.