Butamen in giant size "Butamen BIG Tonkotsu Flavor".

Ace Cook

Butamen BIG

Pork B

one Flavor Ace Cook sells Butamen BIG Pork Bone Flavor. The third product in the 30-year anniversary project is a giant-sized butamen (pork bone)! The price is 189 yen (including tax). Available at 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide.


BIG Pork Bone Flavor

Butamen has been loved for its authentic taste that is hard to believe it is a candy and its size that is perfect for filling kobara. Butamen" has now jumped out of the mini-cup noodle and become a BIG size! The richly flavored soup with tonkotsu (pork bone broth) flavor is intertwined well with the noodles, and the "Butamen" has been made in a BIG size to fulfill fans' desire to "eat butamen with gusto! The soup, richly flavored with the delicious taste of tonkotsu (pork bone broth), is intertwined well with the chigurashi noodles.