Ace Coc "Super Cup Large Platter - Abra! Abra! Abra! Thick Oil Soba Noodle

Ace Cocco has released "Super Cup Large Platter Abra! Abra! Abura! Thick Oil Soba" will be on sale. The release date is September 19. The estimated price is 280 yen (excluding tax).

Supercup Large Volume Abura! Abura! Abura! Thick Abura Soba

We have developed an oily "Thick Oil Soba" that directly delivers the satisfying and rich flavor of the classic "Super Cup" large-size bowl of noodles. The "seasoning sauce" made with pork fat and chicken oil for richness and "seasoning oil" with garlic oil are intertwined with large bowls of thick noodles to create an outstandingly satisfying bowl of noodles.

The "Abra Triple" specifications, in which the sauce is based on soy sauce, pork, and chicken, and is finished with three types of abra (pork fat, chicken oil, and garlic oil), gives the dish an addictive taste with a delicious abra flavor. In addition, the use of thick, chewy, 5-minute-soaking noodles has been used to make the dish more satisfying and satiating.

The thick rice noodles have both firmness and elasticity, and are seasoned just right so that you will never get tired of them. The soup is a soy sauce sauce based on pork and chicken with garlic, pork fat, and chicken oil. The garlic flavor is added with an optional seasoning oil containing garlic grains, giving the soup a rich taste. Kayaku are moderately seasoned pork, colorful green onions, and chili peppers.