Subway "Morning Sub" Clubhouse Sandwich
Subway Morning "Morning Sub"

At Subway, the morning menu is sold only at stores until 10:30 in the morning. Its name is "Morning Sub" . Although it looks small, it is surprisingly well-eaten, and the En-eating editorial department is also indebted.

A lineup of 3 types of sandwiches. The price is 240 yen (tax included, same below) for a single item, and 340 yen for a drink S set, which is a great deal!

Subway "morning sub"
On sale at the target store

◆ Three kinds of "morning sub"

The morning sub is "Club House Sandwich" with plenty of ingredients (280 yen for a single item), "Omelet & Bacon" (260 yen for a single item) with a fluffy omelet sandwiched between them, and "Tuna & Cheese" which is a combination of tuna with onion and cheese. "(240 yen for a single item).

Subway "morning sub"
From the left, clubhouse sandwich, omelet & bacon, tuna & cheese (Source: Subway official website)

Above all, I would like to introduce the clubhouse sandwich this time.

◆ Morning clubhouse sandwich

A sandwich made by layering roast chicken, bacon, egg salad, lettuce, and tomatoes, combining Caesar dressing, and sandwiching them in white bread. You cannot increase the amount of vegetables or change the type of bread.

Subway "Morning Sub" Clubhouse Sandwich
"Morning Sub" Clubhouse Sandwich

About half the size of the regular size. It fits in the palm of your hand, but it has two thick chicken pieces, and it's packed with egg salad and other ingredients, so it's quite volumey.

Subway "Morning Sub" Clubhouse Sandwich
Lots of ingredients

When I bite into it, the fluffy egg salad burst into my mouth. Next, the texture of moist and juicy chicken and fragrant bacon. Sweet and fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce add a refreshing taste. This is more delicious than it looks!

Subway "Morning Sub" Clubhouse Sandwich
It may be just right as a breakfast volume

Even the drink S set is 380 yen, which is an increase of 100 yen, so I wonder if it is excellent enough for cospa. Why don't you add it to your morning sub and breakfast options?

* Product information is as of the time of writing the article.