"Ano Imoman" to Lawson
Chinese steamed bun using Anno potato

At each Lawson store (excluding some stores), a new Chinese bun product "Anno Imo Man (using Tanegashima Anno Imo)" will be released on October 31st. The price is 140 yen (tax included).

Anno potato bun (using Tanegashima Anno potato)

"Anno potato bun (using Tanegashima-produced Anno potato)" is a Chinese bun wrapped with Anno potato paste. Anno potato paste is made from carefully baked Anno potato paste on a lava plate, giving it a smooth and rich finish. In addition, it contains dice-cut Anno potatoes. You can enjoy the chewy texture of potatoes. Uses Anno potatoes from Tanegashima.

Chinese steamed bun using Anno potato, which is characterized by its moist mouthfeel and strong sweetness. Please for an autumn snack.