"Okuma Set Meal" at Waseda University Okuma Garden Hall

The other day, the author worked hard to finish the hearty "Triple Curry" at the student cafeteria "Sky Lounge Akatsuki" on the Surugadai Campus of Meiji University. I became interested in school food, so this time I tried to infiltrate the student cafeteria at Waseda University.

Statue of Okuma at Waseda University
Waseda's symbol Okuma statue Some students come to pray before the results are announced ...?

■ Okuma Garden House
The first place I went to was the Okuma Garden House Cafeteria, which is right next to the Waseda University Okuma Auditorium. I'm going down a lush green road full of sunlight through the trees, but it has a slightly field-like atmosphere that appears in Chapter 2 of overseas horror games . It's a pretty favorite space.

Entrance of Okuma Garden Place
The guardian dog welcomes you

When you pass through Okuma Garden, you will see the entrance to Okuma Garden House. The dishes offered differ depending on the number of floors, and it seems that there are plenty of specialty corners such as curry, bowls, buffet on the 2nd floor, and noodles, pasta, grill on the 3rd floor.

Entrance of Okuma Garden House

Okuma Garden House sign
Divided into 2nd and 3rd floor

Okuma Garden House Menu

Interior of Okuma Garden House
It's quite vacant probably because I came in the morning

Interior of Okuma Garden House
The interior on the 3rd floor looks like this

The desired "Okuma set meal" is offered on the 3rd floor. When ordering at the counter, he said, "Choose one of your favorite side dishes." The author selects spinach with sesame sauce, receives grilled mackerel, fried chicken, miso soup, and white rice (medium size), and pays 500 yen (tax included) at the cash register.

"Okuma Set Meal" at Waseda University Okuma Garden Hall
"Okuma set meal"

A combination that somehow reminds me of school lunch. All tastes are normal. Isn't it a nice set for people who live alone and tend to have an unbalanced nutritional balance? When I was a student, I lived in a room without a grilled fish, so I often ate grilled fish in the school cafeteria.

Grilled mackerel from "Okuma set meal"
Meet white rice

Deep-fried chicken from "Okuma set meal"
Fried chicken because everyone loves it

"Okuma set meal" with spinach and sesame sauce

Okuma Garden House is mainly used by students on this campus. Since it's a big deal, I decided to take a look at the student cafeteria on the Toyama Campus (commonly known as Bunkan), which is just a short walk from here.

■ A little detour
I found a stylish cafe near the entrance of the road leading to Okuma Garden House, so I took a detour. The official goods & cafe "Uni.Shop & Cafe 125" opened by Waseda University in 2007 to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Official goods & cafe "Uni.Shop & Cafe 125" opened in 2002
"Uni.Shop & Cafe 125"

Inside the official goods & cafe "Uni.Shop & Cafe 125"
The inside of the store is also fashionable

Waseda goods are lined up in the store. The product lineup is irresistible for Waseda fans (?). Wide range of hoodies, stationery and stuffed animals. I didn't think that BGM was also a jazz arrangement of school songs. When it comes to Waseda's school song, is it only the author that the Rahmens "Kanabe's Theme" comes out first?

Waseda University Hoodie
Waseda students of the athletic circle often wear it

Waseda University goods for sale

You can also enjoy light meals, so I ordered "Pineapple Flossy (440 yen including tax)" as a trial. It refreshed my mouth with a dessert drink that looked like loose sorbet. Because it is fitted with glass, it has a feeling of openness and is comfortable. It looks like it would be good if I learned by myself here.

Pineapple Frosty of the official goods & cafe "Uni.Shop & Cafe 125" opened in 2002

Pineapple Frosty from Official Goods & Cafe "Uni.Shop & Cafe 125"
Dessert-style cup

■ Toyama Cafeteria
While looking up at the Okuma Auditorium, walk about 4 minutes from this campus to the Toyama campus.

Waseda University Okuma Auditorium
Okuma Auditorium

Waseda University Toyama Campus
Toyama Campus School Gate

"Toyama Cafeteria" is located at the end of the gentle slope. The contents of the menu are almost the same as the Okuma Garden House, but the number of items is small.

Toyama Campus Slope
Climb the slope

Waseda University Toyama Campus Cafeteria
Toyama Cafeteria

Waseda University Toyama Campus Cafeteria
Inside is like this

Waseda University Toyama Campus Cafeteria
It's rattling because I came 5 minutes before the start of cooking

Waseda University Toyama Campus Cafeteria Salad Bar
Popular salad bar

When I glanced at what the students around me were eating, the most common one was "Chicken Tatsuta Don (medium size 464 yen including tax)" . Three chicken tatsuta fried on top of white rice are topped.

Waseda University "Chicken Tatsuta Don (medium size 464 yen including tax)"

The juicy chicken tatsuta fried and the white rice soaked in the sauce go well! I like the batter is light and crisp.

Waseda University "Chicken Tatsuta Don (medium size 464 yen including tax)"

My personal impression is that although there is no such thing as "this!", The menu changes regularly and there is a buffet, so it feels like a school cafeteria where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes. When you go to Toyama Campus, you should also check out the bakery cafe "Milk Hall".

■ Waseda University Address: 1-104 Totsukamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo