Lawson "3 sushi balls" "satsu sticks"
In-store cooking "Oimo Snack" is now available

At each Lawson store (excluding some stores), "3 sushi balls" and "satsu sticks" will be released on October 3rd. Sold at the cashier side counter fixtures.

The three sweet potato balls are wrapped in sweet potato paste in a donut dough with a chewy texture and fried in the store. Domestic sweet potatoes are used for that. The price is 150 yen (tax included).

The sweet potato stick is coated with candy after frying domestic sweet potatoes. You can enjoy the crispy outside and the soft texture inside. The price is 200 yen (tax included).

Lawson "3 sushi balls" "satsu sticks"

A delicious snack that you want to eat in the fall. It's cooked in the store, so if you're lucky, you might be able to meet freshly made food!