"New rice fair" at Matsuya
The plump and sweet new rice season has arrived!

This year is also the season for new rice. The "New Rice Fair" will be held at Matsuya from 15:00 on October 3rd to 10:00 on October 10th. * Except for some stores

If you order a set meal menu, you can choose a large serving of rice for free. I want you to enjoy the plump and slightly sweet taste that is unique to this season. Rice is 100% domestic rice.

The main target menus are as follows. The breakfast menu is also covered.

Beef grilled meat set meal Calvi grilled meat set meal Pork rose grilled meat set meal Pork rose ginger grilled set meal Brown sauce hamburger set meal Brown sauce egg hamburger set meal Spicy pork calvi set meal Teriyaki Tsukimi hamburger set meal Standard morning set meal Grilled salmon set meal Sausage egg set meal

A new rice fair that makes you happy even in the fall of appetite. It's only for one week so don't miss it!