Originated in Osaka, Kurosantaku Manju
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A "black version" that can be used in deeper sontaku scenes has appeared in "Osaka Origin / Sontaku Manju ", which was released in June and became a hot topic on the Internet. "Osaka Origin, Kuromado Manju" will be on sale from October 1st at souvenir shops and variety shops in Kansai.

"Sontaku" is to measure the hearts and thoughts of others. The sontaku manju with the large letters "Sontaku" written on the surface has been well received as a souvenir for daily communication regardless of business scenes or private life.

The black sontaku bun that appears this time is a brown sugar bun wrapped in brown dough. It is said that it is finished in "a delicate taste that makes you feel the Japanese compassionate spirit".

Originated in Osaka, Kurosantaku Manju
The top is the sontaku manju, and the bottom is the black sontaku manju.

A box of 9 pieces is priced at 680 yen (excluding tax). In addition, if you purchase Sontaku Manju or Black Sontaku Manju after October 1, you will receive an original paper bag with the characters "Sontaku" written on it (excluding some stores).

Originated in Osaka, Kurosantaku Manju
Sontaku Manju Original Paper Bag