Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
It looks like a miniature hot spring!

Onsen Chokoreto

Gunma Prefecture has many hot spring areas such as Kusatsu Onsen, Shiman Onsen, and Ikaho Onsen. I found "Onsen Chokoreto", which symbolizes "Onsen powerhouse", at Gunma's antenna shop "Gunmachanya". The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
Yu no Kuni Gunma

A chic package depicting a hot spring. When you open the box ... an open-air bath appears! Instead of the scent peculiar to sulfur, a sweet scent drifts. Bamboo fences, cobblestones and rock baths are all chocolate. I've never seen such a delicious bath.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
The design inside is also elaborate

It is divided into men's and women's baths, not mixed bathing. I'm glad that each taste is different.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
You will feel like you are in a hot spring

Men's bath

Takegaki is matcha chocolate that uses only the most tea, rock bath is milk chocolate, and stone pavement is white chocolate combined with almond paste. The green of the bamboo fence is really real.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
Please note that the bamboo fence is fragile ...

The bamboo fence matches the bittersweetness of matcha and cacao nibs. The impression is that the taste is stronger than the sweetness. Milk chocolate adds a mellow sweetness to it. It also contains almonds and puffs, giving it a crispy texture accent.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
Multi-layered taste and texture

The largest area is cobblestone white chocolate. The deep richness and aroma of almonds spread throughout your mouth. Even though it's chocolate, it feels like a monster when it's stuck in a hot spring.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"

Women's bath

Bamboo fence is orange chocolate, rock bath is white chocolate with coffee beans, and stone pavement is milk chocolate with almonds and puffs. The rock bath looks a little like marble.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
Fine art

Mandarin orange chocolate is very refreshing. Fruity acidity and slight bitterness are mixed in the sweetness of chocolate. Coffee beans in white chocolate also boost the bitterness. When all the chocolates are combined, you can enjoy a mysterious but addictive taste.

Gunma's "Onsen Chokoreto"
Coffee beans are delicious

An "edible hot spring" that you can enjoy with your eyes and tongue. Check it out for both chocolate lovers and hot spring lovers.