Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon" "Yakisoba Gyudon Homme Curry MIX" Movie Crayon Shin-chan release commemoration

In commemoration of the release of "Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mystery Meki! Hana no Tenkas Gakuen" at Sukiya, "Yakisoba Gyudon" and "Yakisoba Gyudon Om Curry MIX" with the motif of "Yakisoba Bread" appearing in the play It will be released on April 7th. Scheduled to end sales in mid-May.

"Yakisoba Gyudon" is a very popular product that recorded a legendary number of sales in 2013. Yakisoba cooked with a spicy and fragrant Sukiya special sauce goes well with the sweetness and umami of beef. It is also recommended to add red pickled ginger that goes well with beef bowl and yakisoba if you like and enjoy the change in taste. The average price is 500 yen (tax included, same below).

Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon"

At the same time, the newly released "Yakisoba Gyudon Om Curry MIX" is a romantic dish that Sukiya has realized the best combination that he dreamed of when he was a child. "Yakisoba beef bowl" is combined with fluffy omelet and rich Yokohama curry with plenty of vegetables. Yakisoba, which is richer when combined with Yokohama curry, is a perfect match with mild omelette, melted cheese, and spinach that adds an accent to the texture. The average price is 690 yen.

Sukiya "Yakisoba Gyudon Homme Curry MIX"

In addition, "Children's Beef Ome Soba", which is a combination of yakisoba, omelette, and beef, is now available on the children's menu. Parents and children can enjoy together like Shin-chan and Hiroshi. The price is 300 yen.

Sukiya "Children's beef omelet soba"

(C) Yoshito Usui / Futabasha / Shinei / TV Asahi / ADK 2021