Sukiya "Sausage Curry

Sukiya New Sa

usage Curry Sukiya will offer a new menu item, Sausage Curry, featuring hearty sausages. Priced at 590 yen for a mini, 690 yen for a medium, 830 yen for a large, and 990 yen for a mega (all including tax), it will be available from 9 a.m. on May 10.

Sausage Curry

The "BIG" looking juicy sausage is filled with the flavor of coarsely ground meat and is a must for sausage lovers. The sausage is slowly aged and then smoked to lock in the flavor and richness of the meat. In addition, the use of natural intestines for the skin gives the sausage a satisfying texture. You can enjoy this big sausage full of flavor with a slit that makes it easy to eat with a spoon, along with Sukiya's spicy and rich curry.

Sukiya's "Sausage Curry" is a juicy and tasty dish that is sure to be enjoyed. It is perfect for a day when you want to eat with gusto. If you are interested, why not check it out as soon as possible?