Sukiya "Charcoal Tororo Pork Curry
Charcoal-grilled Mellow Pork Curry

Sukiya Charcoal Tororo

Pork Curry

Sukiya will introduce "Charcoal Tororo Pork Curry", which will be available from April 5, 2023.

Sukiya "Charcoal Tororo Pork Curry

Sukiya's spicy and


curry can be tasted along with tender pork with a rich aroma from the charcoal fire.

The pork is grilled over charcoal using Sukiya's special sweet sauce, making it aromatic and tender. The tender pork, cut into bite-size pieces, is served with a delicious curry infused with 20 spices including cumin, onions, and the sweetness of tomatoes.

Accented with Fukujinzuke pickles and refreshingly sweet and vinegared red onions, you will never get tired of the dish until the very end. In addition to eat-in, To go is also available. Multiple sizes are available, each priced as follows. All prices include tax.

Mini: 590 yen
・ Normal serving: 690 yen
・ Large serving: 830 yen
・ Mega: 990 yen