KALDI "Coffee Day Bag"
"Coffee Day Bag" for KALDI!

October 1st is "Coffee Day". A limited number of "Coffee Day Bags" will be on sale at each KALDI store, which are perfect for gifts as well as for home use. The price is 1,600 yen (tax included, same below).

The original design tote bag is packed with the limited coffee "Charcoal-grilled Coffee Mocha Blend", the most popular blended coffee "Mild KALDI", and the straight coffee "Canario" using rare Brazilian beans. The bag is designed in the image of a hemp bag of coffee.

KALDI "Coffee Day Bag"
From the left, charcoal-grilled coffee mocha blend, mild KALDI, canario

The size of the bag is 24 cm in length x 34 cm in width and 20 cm in handle. Also sold at the official KALDI online shop. The release date is different only for KALDI Coffee Farm Yokosuka store.

KALDI "Coffee Day Bag"
A feeling of size

In addition, 5 types of original coffee are now available as a "drip type" that you can easily enjoy. "Cafe KALDI Drip" Blue Mountain Blend, Premium Mocha Blend, Zucano Bourbon, Organic Premium Blend, Organic Decaf Ethiopian Mocha will be on sale from October 1st. The price starts from 81 yen per pack.

Easy to enjoy drip type

In addition, the lineup includes "Original Coffee Bean Chocolate Dark" (248 yen) and "Original Coffee Candy Popcorn" (189 yen), which are inspired by the taste of the most popular coffee "Mild KALDI". Coffee lovers are likely to accelerate more and more.

KALDI Sweets inspired by the taste of "Mild KALDI"
Original coffee beans chocolate dark (left) and original coffee candy popcorn (right)