Visit to Glico Pia East

Suddenly, here's a quiz. Ezaki Glico's caramel "Glico" is famous for its catch phrase "One 300 meters", but do you know what the name "Glico" comes from?

Caramel confectionery "Glico" sold by Ezaki Glico

The correct answer is "glycogen," which is abundant in oyster extracts. Riichi Ezaki, the founder of Ezaki Glico, thought, "I want to make" nutritional sweets "by mixing glycogen with sweets that are happy for growing children!" It was a chance.

Caramel confectionery "Glico" sold by Ezaki Glico

I feel that the familiar sweets that I usually eat casually become a little more delicious when I learn about the process of making them in this way. To learn more about Ezaki Glico's products, I went to visit the factory "Glico Pia East" that produces Pocky and other products.

Glico Pia East

■ Where Pocky is born
"Glico Pia East" is located in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture. Look for the bright red sign that says "Waku Waku Factory Glico Pia EAST".

Glico Pia East sign

"Glico Pia East" factory
Factory to visit today Much larger than expected

It's time to meet, so let's go inside. The interior of the factory, which is based on white, is pretty beautiful! At first, move to the "College Hall", which is just after entering. By the way, it seems that this college hall has an image of the oyster shells that were the origin of Glico's birth.

College Hall in "Glico Pia East"
College hall

First of all, we are looking for members to participate in the Giant Pocky making experience at the end of the tour. It is a hands-on classroom where you can make your own Pocky for 500 yen (tax included) per person.

Recruiting participants for Pocky making experience at "College Hall" in "Glico Pia East"
Recruiting participants for making Pocky

Capacity is 20 people. Since there is work using scissors, reservations are preferentially accepted from the middle grades of elementary school. After that, recruitment is in the order of elementary school students and younger, junior high and high school students, and adults. If the capacity is over, it may be a lottery.

Recruiting participants for Pocky making experience at "College Hall" in "Glico Pia East"
Numbered tickets will be distributed to participants

■ Learn the history of Ezaki Glico
After confirming participation, watch the video "Ingenuity-Founder Riichi Ezaki Story-". The reason for the birth of "Glico", the process, and the thoughts of Riichi Ezaki are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner. It's a short but spectacular work. I think it was interesting to see the background that I personally thought of a catch phrase of "one 300 meters".

Appreciating "Ingenuity-Founder Riichi Ezaki Story-"
"Ingenuity-Founder Riichi Ezaki Story-" is being screened It's an interesting work for adults to watch

Continue to watch "until chocolate is made". Glico Pia East's mascot character "Piana-chan" explained the process of completing chocolate.

Appreciating "until chocolate is made"
Piana has a cute voice

You'll need them later, so watch these videos seriously.

■ Did you watch a movie when you bought Glico?
Divide into groups and start the tour! At "Glico Town," you can see vending machines where you can watch movies when you buy caramel, and you can see 1,500 Glico toys. Especially when you look at the toys that came with you at that time while considering the background of the times, it's insanely interesting!

A tour of "Glico Pia East"
Proceed while listening to a polite commentary

A state where the bonus of "Glico" is exhibited
Bonus of "Glico" exhibited in a row

It seems that the bonus of "Glico" is exhibited
Such a thing

"Glico" toys are on display
This is also

Adults were also excited, saying, "This was my time" and "I liked this." There are quite a few on display, but I'm surprised that they are still part of the products that were actually on sale.

Successive packages of "Pocky"
In addition, successive packages of "Pocky" were exhibited.

■ Commemorative photo taken in the photo studio zone
You can also take a commemorative photo with the huge goal-in mark in front of the college hall. It's a big deal, so don't be shy and take a picture in the same pose. The goal-in-mark guitar used by GLAY live is on display nearby, so be sure to check it out as well.

A huge golden mark photo spot in front of the college hall
A huge goal-in mark in front of the college hall and a commemorative photo

■ Until Pocky and Pretz are made
Take the elevator to "Pocky Street" and "Pretz Street" where you can see how Pocky and Pretz are made. The factory produces about 70,000 Pocky boxes and about 5,500 Pretz boxes a day 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, the part where chocolate is attached to Pocky is a corporate secret, so it is not possible to visit. Pretz follows the process of kneading, baking and packaging the dough.

Entrance to "Pocky Street" and "Pretz Street" where you can see how Pocky and Pretz are made
Entrance of "Pocky Street"

Pocky is wrapped and carried
"Pocky" can be enjoyed mainly as it is packed

"Pocky" is packed in a bag

Visitors watching the packaging of "Pocky"
Everyone is crazy about watching "Pocky" being carried

Second half of Pocky Street
The method of attaching chocolate to "Pocky" is a corporate secret, so there is no glass window

The amount of chocolate used a day is 7 tons! All the products in the red box that everyone might think of as "Pocky" are shipped from here.

Entrance of "Pritz Street"
Next is a tour of "Pritz Street"

Unbaked dough for "Pretz"
Pretz fabric

Pretz that is baked and flows over the machine
A large amount of pretz flowing

Pretz being wrapped
Of course, you can enjoy the packaging

There are many secrets that make you mutter "Hmm, I see!" Without thinking about the reason why you just make a notch without cutting the dough before baking the pretz dough, and how you can make the pattern of AmiAmi on the dough. Please check it with your own eyes.

■ Seriously! Quiz game!
After learning how to make products, take a quiz trip at the "stadium hall". The winner will be presented with sweets, so let's challenge yourself.

Stadium hall where quiz trips are held
Take the quiz!

Seats to sit on when taking a quiz in Glico Pia East
3 choices for the quiz

Unfortunately, I couldn't win the championship, but here I will teach you the secret to winning. The point is

・ Be sure to remember the contents of the video you see at the “College Hall” ・ Answer speed as fast as possible!
・ Mistakes are fatal! Aim for all correct answers

These three points. There are several types of travel routes, so it seems that the content will change each time you participate.

A quiz held at the stadium hall

It took about 70 minutes to reach this point. It is not too short and not too long, and it is devised so that you will not get bored while learning the history and charm of Ezaki Glico. Since the area is moved at a good tempo, even small children may be able to enjoy it without any hassle.

■ Let's make an original Pocky
From here, we will make Giant Pocky with participation only by those who wish. You can decorate it with Giant Pocky at "Mini Factory".

"Mini Factory" where you can enjoy making original giant Pocky

The trick is, "Anyway, it's quick!" Because I use a chocolate pen to decorate it, but once this chocolate has hardened, the toppings don't stick to Pocky well.

Materials prepared for making Pocky
All ingredients are available

Giant Pocky used to make Pocky
"Giant Pocky" to use

Making an original Pocky
Hurry up and decorate the chocolates before they get together!

Making an original Pocky

Pocky completed by making original Pocky
Completion! "Eat Pocky"!

This decoration gives you a pretty personality even if you look at the surrounding finished products. Those who say "I'm not good at detailed work!" May be boldly decorated.

State of original Pocky making experience

The completed original Pocky can be packed in a special box and taken home. As a souvenir, you can get Glico Pia East original Pretz and big Pocky balloons. This is free of charge! It was a luxurious factory tour until the end.

A state of putting the completed Pocky in the package
You can put it in a cool case and take it home

Souvenirs from a tour of the Glico Pia East Factory

Pocky balloons for souvenirs
It's pretty big when you put in air

■ Souvenirs at the shop
After leaving the factory, please drop in at the shop on the premises. This is your chance to buy rare items that are hard to come by. The author's recommendation is a set of "Giant Dream Pocky" and "Chocolate Cream and Caramel Cream" , "Pritz [Japanese Flavor Tour]", etc.

A shop next to Glico Pia East
Inside the store

■ Make a reservation immediately
A tour of the "Glico Pia East" factory where you can play for free. It was a content that could be enjoyed not only by parents and children but also by friends and lovers.

Inside the Glico Pia East site

The tour requires a reservation. Reservations start on the official website from the morning of the first business day of every month. It's so popular that reservations are often filled up to 3 months in advance. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays, it will fill up quickly, so it is recommended to make a reservation as soon as you know the schedule.

If you know the history and background, you should feel that the usual sweets are more delicious. Please take part in a factory tour of "Glico Pia East" where you can learn at a great price.

Glico's "Pocky" and "Pretz"
Let's eat while remembering what we visited ...

■ Overview of Glico Pia East Address: 9-55 Nakamaru, Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture