Jonathan's "Double Cheesecake Plate with Two Colored Grape"
Cheesecake plate too!

Sweets made with seasonal grapes are now available at each Jonathan store. It is available for a limited time from September 7th.

The sweets are luxuriously made with "Shine Muscat", which has an elegant scent, and "Nagano Purple," which is characterized by a refreshing sweetness that can be eaten with the skin. You can enjoy "co-starring two big grapes".

Shine Muscat and Nagano Purple
Used luxuriously

The menu is as follows. * Price excluding tax, price differs at some stores

Shine Muscat and Nagano Purple special parfait from Shinshu 699 yen
Double cheesecake plate with two-color grapes 599 yen Homemade custard pudding and two-color grape sundae 599 yen Chardonnay jelly mini parfait 399 yen Grape sorbet 249 yen

Jonathan's Grape Sweets
Everything is worrisome

Sales time excludes morning hours (~ 10: 30).