McDonald's and Lotteria's "Tsukimi Burger"
It's autumn. Autumn is the moon viewing! Speaking of moon viewing ...

McDonald's released the "Second Generation Tsukimi Burger" (340 yen including tax), and Lotteria released the "Half-Mature Tsukimi Tsukune Burger" (390 yen including tax). Both are hamburgers for a limited time that use eggs as ingredients, with the image of autumn "moon viewing".

At the same time, both "Tsukimi burgers" were available, so I tried to compare them!

◆ Patty is "cow" vs. "chicken"

McDonald's Tsukimi burger is made by layering 100% beef patty with grilled smoked bacon and eggs that look like the moon, sprinkled with Tsukimi sauce, and sandwiched between buns. Beef patty (beef) is used.

On the other hand, Lotteria's half-ripe Tsukune Tsukune burger is made by layering half-ripe egg and lettuce that looks like the moon on "Nanko Tsukune Patty" that uses chicken meatballs with meatballs, and mixes mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce and sands with buns. It's a chicken patties .

McDonald's "Second generation Tsukimi burger"
Mac Moon Viewing Burger

McDonald's "Second generation Tsukimi burger"
The components are meat (beef), eggs, bacon, sauce, buns

Lotteria "Half-boiled moon meatball burger"
Lotteria's soft-boiled moon burger

Lotteria "Half-boiled moon meatball burger"
The components are meat (chicken), eggs, lettuce, sauce, mayonnaise, buns

The first impression I had when I ate Lotteria's Tsukune Patty was " Yakitori-san's Tsukune itself! ". It is plump and thick, and when chewed, it has a crunchy, crunchy texture that lasts until the end. The savory flavor of charcoal-grilled meat and the matching with the sweet and salty teriyaki sauce are just right.

By the way, Tsukune Patty is a donut type. It is a measure so that the eggs and sauce are often entwined. Certainly, the teriyaki sauce was nicely placed in the hole.

Lotteria "Half-boiled moon meatball burger"
This Tsukune Patty is so delicious

◆ The egg yolk is different

The Tsukimi burger on McDonald's uses well-cooked eggs. You can enjoy the texture of the soft yolk and the plump white meat.

McDonald's "Second generation Tsukimi burger"
Mac has bacon on top of the egg

The decisive factor for the taste is the moon-viewing sauce. It seems that it has become richer after renewal, and although it is thick, you can enjoy it refreshingly with its exquisite acidity. If you don't add anything, this sauce will put together bacon + egg + beef patty, which may be a little dull.

McDonald's "Second generation Tsukimi burger"
The thick sauce doesn't feel dry at all

On the other hand, Lotteria's soft-boiled moon burger has a half-boiled yolk. It is also the best feature of this product. The yolk that melts when you stretch it mixes with the mellow, sweet and sour mayonnaise and the sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce, further enhancing the deliciousness of the meatballs.

Lotteria "Half-boiled moon meatball burger"
Lotteria soft-boiled egg

Lotteria "Half-boiled moon meatball burger"
The yolk is thick

Lotteria "Half-boiled moon meatball burger"
It goes well with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce!

In the end, I decided to decide which one I liked more, so I ate and compared them, but to be honest, it was so delicious that I couldn't put it in black and white (sorry). Anyway, the moon viewing is good this year too! Thank you for your consideration (I'm really sorry).

However, I felt that Lotteria was new as a hamburger, with patty meatballs and soft-boiled eggs. It's 50 yen more expensive than McDonald's, but I think you should try it once!