Berry chiffon cake and cream puffs from Ikebukuro "La Famille"
Sweet when tired

Today's Japan seems to be a "stressed society". I was busy with time, I was busy with work, I was nervous about relationships, and when I finally got home, I had no time to take a break and did chores for housework.

Somehow I'm not satisfied, for some reason I'm always impatient. I think there are many people who spend their days with extra power on their shoulders when they notice that the haze that cannot be verbalized accumulates in their chests.

If you're tired of being swayed by a crowded train with dead eyes every morning, I would like to recommend the chiffon cake specialty store "La Famille" in Ikebukuro. Although I was tired, I actually went to eat as a representative of a tired member of society.

■ I want to be healed by sweets
The specialty of this shop, which is quietly set up behind the West Ikebukuro Park at the west exit of JR Ikebukuro Station, is a chiffon cake made with as few additives as possible . It is very popular among sweets fans, saying, "The texture is addictive!", And it may be sold out before noon at the earliest.

"La Famille" in Ikebukuro is a chiffon cake specialty store
"La Famille"

The interior is not so large, but it has a loose and cute fairy tale interior. A small record player is placed in one corner, playing a pleasant melody at a modest volume.

Record player in the store of "La Famille" in Ikebukuro

I ordered the summer-only flavor "Berry Chiffon (500 yen including tax)" and the "cream puff (240 yen including tax)" that I was curious about. I tried ice green tea (500 yen including tax) as a drink.

Sweets sold at "La Famille" in Ikebukuro
Sweets lined up in the showcase

There are 10 seats in the store. When the weather is nice, it is recommended to eat on the terrace (7 seats). I noticed that a chiffon cake mold was used for the paper napkin case, and I felt a little relaxed.

Ikebukuro "La Famille" napkin holder

First from the berry chiffon. The soft, fluffy dough has a modest sweetness, and the balance between the fresh sweetness and acidity of the berries hidden here and there is just right. THE sugar! Unlike sweets that punch out with a sweetness, it is a chiffon cake that has a gentle yet calm atmosphere that makes you enjoy the taste of each ingredient.

Chiffon cake sold at "La Famille" in Ikebukuro
It looks cute

Berry chiffon cake from Ikebukuro "La Famille"

Berry chiffon cake from Ikebukuro "La Famille"
It's fluffy

It may feel heavy because the piece is large, but it's a complete misery. It had a simple taste that I never got tired of , and it was light and easy to eat, so I was able to finish it easily.

Berry chiffon cake from Ikebukuro "La Famiyu"
Plenty of berries

What surprised me was cream puff . This is a big hit that I ordered somehow! The cool and cold custard cream is thick and thick, but the aftertaste is refreshing . When you chew with the crispy dough, your mouth will be in a paradise state.

Cream puffs from Ikebukuro "La Famille"

Anyway, the custard cream is too good, so please try it. It was the first time I was born that I wanted to drink cream.

Cream puffs from Ikebukuro "La Famille"
Rich, yet refreshing

"La Famille" Ice Green Tea
You can feel the flavor of tea in the drinks ◎

■ To go and relax at home
In addition, "La Famille" also sells chiffon cakes for To go . I bought "cheese (350 yen including tax)" and "coffee (310 yen including tax)" so I tried them too.

Chiffon cake for To go that you can buy at "La Famille" in Ikebukuro
To go too

The cheese is a slightly salty chiffon made with Edam cheese. You can feel the texture of grainy cheese here and there. If you warm it with a toaster and then eat it, the taste will double! It's a perfect dish for a holiday brunch.

The cheese is a slightly salty chiffon made with Edam cheese.
Good scent of cheese

The cheese is a slightly salty chiffon made with Edam cheese.
Good balance of saltiness!

Coffee is a bittersweet chiffon, with a fragrant scent that spreads softly when you put it in your mouth. It's not too sweet, so it seems to be a favorite dish for men. I personally like it very much. Even if you add plenty of whipped cream, it will definitely be delicious ...

Coffee is a bittersweet coffee chiffon
A little adult taste

The gentle sweets of "La Famille" that naturally relax your shoulders while you eat. If you are tired of your daily life and are "on the verge of drying out!", Please give it a try.

Chiffon cake does not last long because it does not contain additives such as preservatives and preservatives. Enjoy it as soon as possible, or store it in the refrigerator if you don't eat it right away.

Chiffon cake instructions for "La Famille" in Ikebukuro
Enjoy the To go cake as soon as possible

■ Overview of "La Famille" Address: 1F, Imamura Building, 3-4-6 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10:30 to 18:30 (finished as soon as the cake runs out)
Regular holiday: Irregular holiday