As anyone who works or has worked in the kitchen of a cafe or restaurant will understand, the kitchen space of a restaurant is very slippery. Water and oil often splash on the floor, which is dangerous because it can slip inadvertently and become a dongaragashern.

In order to avoid such danger, I get it in the kitchen and wear special shoes, but in many ways I have never seen shoes that are so perfect for kitchen work! I would like to introduce the item that was released from the US mail order site "Mozo --Men's Bacon N'Eggs Sharkz Shoes".

Playful design "bacon and eggs shoes"
Playful design "bacon and eggs shoes"

These shoes are black-based slip-on shoes with bacon on the right foot and fried egg on the left foot (sunny side-up). You can almost hear the sizzling sound of bacon and eggs roasting on a frying pan.

In addition to the non-slip sole, the "MOZO Fit System", which is said to have been made with our own technology, is incorporated so that it fits perfectly on anyone's foot. In addition to being made of lightweight material, it also has ventilation holes on the sides, pursuing comfort.

Bacon and eggs shoes with excellent design and functionality are priced at $ 29.95 (about 3,500 yen). It seems that delivery to Japan is also being done, so if you are having trouble with the shoes you are wearing slippery, why not consider it.