NITORI "One Push Canister"

The storage container "One Push Canister" that appeared in NITORI is very convenient! I hear the voice here and there. I bought it in the editorial department and tried using it ... I see why it was so popular!

The reason for ease of use was not only the function but also the "weight" and "structure" . Moreover, it is cheap .

NITORI "One Push Canister"
NITORI's One Push Canister

◆ Open with one push

The most distinctive feature is that the lid can be opened with one push. When you press the switch under the lid, the lid pops up and opens. To close it, just push the lid in with your finger until it clicks. Being able to open and close with one hand is very convenient during cooking, isn't it?

NITORI "One Push Canister"
When you press it

NITORI "One Push Canister"

◆ Insanely light

The next thing I felt was lightness! Bottles and pottery storage containers are heavy and may crack if dropped, but because they are plastic, they are light and hard to crack. Since the body is transparent, you can see the contents at a glance!

NITORI "One Push Canister"
Transparent and white color scheme that is easy to get used to anywhere

◆ Can be disassembled

Furthermore, the main body, lid, and packing can be easily removed. So it's easy to wash and keep it clean. Quickly wash and dry. Please note that it is not compatible with dishwashers.

NITORI "One Push Canister"
The lid can be easily removed

NITORI "One Push Canister"
Packing is also this street

◆ Wide variety of sizes

6 types with capacities from 350 ml to 1,700 ml (at the time of writing the article). The price is 299 yen to 799 yen including tax. You will want to collect different sizes of seasonings, sweets, coffee beans, cereals, rice, etc. according to what you want to store!

NITORI "One Push Canister"
350 ml on the left, 500 ml on the right

The sharp shape without waste makes it easy to store them side by side, and I'm happy that they fit neatly on the shelves and don't create dead space. I think it's simple but has excellent functionality.

A one-push canister that seems to be the savior of troublesome kitchen storage. Why not consider purchasing when reviewing the storage of spice racks and pantry? I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the usability that is more than the price!