MONTEUR "Luxury Lemon Weekend Cake"
Consecutive holiday limited sweets, luxury lemon weekend cake

"Sweets that can only be eaten during the Golden Week holidays" will be sold by MONTEUR during the consecutive holidays from July 15th to 17th and August 11th to 13th. "Luxury lemon weekend cake", the estimated price is 345 yen (tax included, 388 yen only in Okinawa).

This is a five-layer cake made by layering lemon-flavored sponge dough and lemon cream. The surface is finished by coating with sugar. It was developed in France with the image of "Weekend Citron", a baked confectionery that is said to be eaten with an important person who spends the weekend together.

Lemon dice pickled in syrup is kneaded into the sponge dough, and by reducing the amount of eggs compared to other roll cake dough, it is said that the texture is closer to the moist and heavy weekend citron.

In addition, the lemon cream is blended with homemade custard to add richness. When eaten, the gentle lemon acidity spreads softly, and the juicy lemon flavor overflowing from the lemon dice and the crispy texture of the coated sugar produce a rich texture.

Why don't you share and taste the rare cake, which is sold only during consecutive holidays, while spending the weekend with your loved ones.

MONTEUR "Luxury Lemon Weekend Cake"
Perfect for summer with lemon