Pablo "Freshly baked mango cheese tart"

"Freshly baked mango cheese tart", which is perfect for the hot season, will be released on July 15th at PABLO, a store specializing in freshly baked cheese tart. Limited time until September 14th. The price is 1,200 yen (tax included).

This is a cheese tart dough with mango puree, diced mango and mango jam and baked. The image of mango skin is topped with bright pomegranate jelly on the surface.

Pablo "Freshly baked mango cheese tart"
With diced mango

It has a sweet and sour taste that tightly traps the rich and sweet scent of mango. It is said that you can enjoy a more gorgeous mango flavor by cooling it in the refrigerator as well as freshly baked.