Pablo "PABLOmini-Brûlée

PABLO will introduce a new cheese tart, "PABLOmini-Brulee," which will be available for a limited time starting July 16. The price is 280 yen (tax included).


Pablo "PABLOmini-Brûlée

In addition to the cheese tarts that can be cut and enjoyed, Pablo also offers the smaller "PABLOmini" series, and this is the newest flavor in the series.

It combines a crispy base, smooth dough, and savory caramel with a burnt surface. The tart is filled with creamy cheese batter and baked until slightly browned, then dusted with granulated sugar and caramelized on the surface. The tart is described as an easy and crispy cheese tart with bittersweet caramel and smooth cheese that fills the mouth with a smooth taste. It measures approximately 6.5 cm in diameter.

It will be available at the Shinsaibashi main store from July 16, and at the PABLOmini LaLaport Izumi store and PABLOmini Wing Shinbashi store from August 1. Information on store locations and hours of operation can be found on Pablo's official website.