Petit potato hot chili pepper taste is spicy and spicy petit potato
Flavor that feels summer

From Bourbon's Petit series, "Petit Potato Hot Chili Pepper Flavor," "Petit Lightly Grilled Karaage Flavor," and "Same Sauce Yakisoba Sen" will be released on July 11. The estimated price is 80 yen (excluding tax).

Petit Potato Hot Chili Pepper The taste is spicy and spicy. The umami of chicken and onion is combined with the savory flavor of garlic. It's a fragrant, crispy and light snack-type rice cracker.

The fried chicken flavor is a rice cracker that is finished with the image of fried chicken, which is popular at food stalls. You can enjoy the spicy taste and crispy texture.

Petit Sauce Yakisoba Senbei is a snack-type rice cracker with the image of sauce yakisoba baked on an iron plate. The flavor of sauce and green laver will spread.