Subway "Where's Wally!" Collaboration Campaign
Subway becomes "Wally pattern"!

Summer-only "two tandoori chickens" are now available at each Subway store. "Open fire tandoori chicken" (490 yen including tax) and "Avocado & tandoori chicken -with hot pepper-" (590 yen including tax) are on sale from July 5th.

In addition, a collaboration campaign with "Where's Wally!" Is underway. The wrap that wraps the sandwich will be a cute "Wally pattern" only now!

◆ Two spicy tandoori chicken

Grilled tandoori chicken is a popular summer menu. Tandoori chicken, which is made by soaking chicken thighs in 10 kinds of original spices and yogurt and roasting the skin over an open flame to make it fragrant, is sandwiched between fluffy buns with plenty of vegetables. The chicken is plump, tender and juicy!

Subway "Open fire tandoori chicken"
Appeared this year too! Popular tandoori chicken

On the other hand, Avocado & Tandoori Chicken is a combination of tandoori chicken and avocado that you can enjoy two different textures, "around" and "creamy". In addition to plenty of vegetables, it is finished with hot pepper slices as a topping.

Subway "Avocado & Tandoori Chicken -with Hot Pepper-"
Avocado & Tandoori Chicken-with Hot Pepper-

Spicy tandoori chicken with mellow avocado added to make it a little milder ... I think it's hot pepper spicy! Will come. It hurts ... it's spicy ... but it's addictive !!

Subway "Avocado & Tandoori Chicken -with Hot Pepper-"
Two big chickens

Subway "Avocado & Tandoori Chicken -with Hot Pepper-"
Spicy hot pepper

◆ Find Wally! Collaboration

During the "Where's Wally!" Collaboration campaign, Subway staff's T-shirts will have a Wally pattern, and the wrap that wraps the sandwich will also be Wally's design. This is so cute and exciting!

Subway "Where's Wally!" Collaboration Campaign
Red and white border pattern

Subway "Where's Wally!" Collaboration Campaign
Discover Wally!

Subway "Where's Wally!" Collaboration Campaign
Subway clerk? Insanely cute!

Furthermore, on the official campaign site, a game where you can enjoy the world view of "Where's Wally!" Is being released. If you challenge the game of finding sandwiches and vegetables hidden in the pattern, you will receive a special coupon of "50 yen off one sandwich of your choice" without exception.

If you've played with the "Where's Wally!" Picture book, you'll know this, but it's highly recommended to kill time. It makes me feel nostalgic for the moment when the concentration switch is turned on in me, and the feeling of being sick when I find an item.

The campaign period is until August 22nd. If you like Wally, please check it out.