TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
I found a chocolate that looks like an inkstone.

Tokyo Dome City Space Museum TeNQ "I looked into space and found it."

Today (July 7) is Tanabata (Star Festival). Even if you are not a space fan, I would like to introduce a beautiful "asteroid chocolate" that looks like a piece of a star. Asteroid Chocolate" is a beautiful item that looks like a piece of a star (or a quintessence?).

You can buy it at the store attached to the space museum "TeNQ" in Tokyo Dome City (you don't have to enter TeNQ to use the store).

TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
I looked in and it was space.

On the cube box are the words, "Look into space. on the cube box. It is romantic to think that the universe is packed inside this box that fits in both hands.

When you open the box, you will find colorful pebble-like chocolates in a small bag. 20 bags of chocolates make a perfect souvenir to give away.

TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
small bagged

TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
Rolling asteroid chocolate

Brown, orange, blue, green, beige, pink... asteroid chocolates come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. When placed on a black plate and stared at, it looks as if pieces of real stars are wandering around in space.

TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
Is this... space...?

By the way, we recommend you to hold the asteroid chocolate in the palm of your hand to feel as if you are holding the universe in your hand.

TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
In my hands.

It looks very hard, but when you try it, you will be surprised at how soft it is. It is a savory milk chocolate with a crispy and light coating. The taste and texture are reminiscent of marb chocolate.

TeNQ "Asteroid Chocolate
Stone-like but crispy and soft.

You can enjoy the crunchy texture by chewing on it, or you can roll it around in your mouth for a while and savor it as it slowly melts. By the way, there are various colors, but they all taste the same.

If you are too busy to look up at the night sky, or if you want to see the stars but the weather is not so good, you can think about the starry sky while eating asteroid chocolate.