Cafe de Clie "Melting Jelly Sakura Latte" "Sol Beige Sakura & Jelly"
Drinks that feel spring

"Melting Jelly Sakura Latte," "Sol Beige Sakura & Jelly," and "Pasta Scallop and Sakura Shrimp Oil Sauce" will be released on March 8th at each Cafe de Clie store.

The melting jelly cherry latte is a hot drink that combines cherry-flavored milk with a smooth cherry jelly. It seems to have an elegant taste with a slight scent of cherry blossoms. The price is 400 yen.

Sol Beige Sakura & Jelly is a frozen drink that combines the frozen cherry milk with the jelly of cherries. You can enjoy the sweetness of cherry blossoms and the sweet and sour combination of jelly. The price starts from 450 yen.

The oil sauce of pasta scallops and sakura shrimp is a colorful pasta that combines scallops, sakura shrimp, and broad beans with an oil sauce full of seafood flavor. The taste of scallops spreads in your mouth. The single item price is 690 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Pasta Scallops and Sakura Shrimp Oil Sauce"