Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "Easter Egg Chocolate Pudding"
With mango cream

At MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR, the Easter limited menu "Easter Egg Chocolate Pudding" will be on sale from March 15th to April 30th. The price is 600 yen (tax included).

This is a cute Easter dessert that looks like an egg. Inside the thin white chocolate shell is a chocolate pudding with mango cream. It is a dish that you can taste by sprinkling strawberry sauce on pudding on a candy that looks like a bird's nest.

In addition, "2nd Anniversary Crepe" will be on sale from March 15th to April 4th only at the LUCUA Osaka store. Hazelnut paste, chocolate chunks, and marshmallow paste are sandwiched between homemade crepe dough, and the surface is crispy and caramelized. The waffle cone, which looks like a cracker, contains chocolate and nuts, and you can enjoy it by topping it to your liking. The price is 1,500 yen (tax included).

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "2nd Anniversary Crepe"
Image of cracker