Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "" VERY BERRY "Chocolate Pizza"
Pink color seems to be spring

At each MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE BAR store, three spring-only chocolate sweets will be on sale from March 15th to May 31st.

"VERY BERRY" chocolate pizza is a pink chocolate pizza topped with white chocolate chunks, raspberry sugar, strawberry, and waffle balls, which are pizza dough mixed with raspberry powder. The sour berries and white chocolate go great together. The price is 480 yen for 1/6 slices and 2,500 yen for halls (tax included, same below).

"Max Chocolate Burger" is a dessert burger with a special chocolate pate and caramelized pine, strawberry, marshmallow cream, and hazelnut bits sandwiched in Graham buns. Churros that look like french fries and strawberry sorbet are attached. The price is 1,400 yen.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "Max Chocolate Burger"
Sweet burger

"White Peach Chocolate Tail" is a refreshing frozen drink that is a blend of white chocolate and peach. To finish off, vanilla ice cream wrapped in fertilizer with the image of a flower is topped. The price is 750 yen.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "White Peach Chocolate Tail"
Flower-like toppings