Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "White Chocolate Milk Tea Pizza"

A collaboration between the chocolate brand "MAX BRENNER" and the British tea brand "AHMAD TEA". The Valentine's Day limited collaboration menu will be on sale from January 15th at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

"White chocolate milk tea pizza" is a pizza baked with white chocolate chunks, armad tea Earl Gray tea leaves, and marshmallows on the dough. The finish is topped with tea leaves, mixed berries, edible flowers and roasted almonds. It seems that the moderate sweetness of white chocolate and the elegant scent of Earl Gray spread. The price is 550 yen for slices and 2,500 yen for halls (tax included, same below).

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "White Chocolate Milk Tea Pizza"
Good grilled color

"White Chocolate Strawberry Tea" is a dessert-like foam tea that combines the sweet and sour sstrawberry tea of Ahmad Tea with white chocolate. Topped with white chocolate chunks and roasted almonds. The price is 600 yen.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "White Chocolate Strawberry Tea"
Accented with almond texture

"TEA & CHOCOLATE SET" is a set where you can enjoy pairing black tea and chocolate selected by a black tea specialist. "Hazelnut Dark & Nuts x Earl Gray", "Pecan Milk & Nuts x Vanilla" and "Sea Salt Milk & Nuts x Darjeeling Tea" will be available. The price is 500 yen.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar "TEA & CHOCOLATE SET"

In addition, a Valentine's limited gift set is also available. "CHOCOLATE with TEA Music Box" (2,980 yen), which is a set of a music box with tea leaves, MAX BRENNER's original mug "HUG MUG", and "Pecan Tablet", will be on sale.

Max Brenner "CHOCOLATE with TEA Music Box"
Nice gift