Blue wine from Spain Gik
The world's first "blue wine", Japan's first landing!

The world's first "blue wine" "Gik" has landed in Japan for the first time from Spain. It will be released in advance at the web shop banquet shop Rakuten Ichiba on May 9. Scheduled to appear in department stores nationwide from May 23rd. The estimated price is 2,300 yen (excluding tax).

Blue wine Gik was born in Spain in May 2015. Six young creators took about two years to complete it with the cooperation of researchers from Basque University and food manufacturers.

Blue wine from Spain Gik
Beautiful indigo blue

The feature is a deep indigo blue liquid color that is colored based on a naturally derived colorant. A total of four grape varieties (Albarino, Grenache, Syrah, Macabeo) from Spain and France are used.