Seijo Ishii Sparkling Sangria (Red / White)

"Seijo Ishii Sparkling Sangria (Red / White)" is on sale at Seijo Ishii's liquor stores. The price is 399 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) with 290 ml. Alcohol content is 9.5%.

◆ What kind of product?

A canned alcoholic beverage that reproduces the taste of the popular "Sangria with delicious wine" at the wine bar "Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO" operated by Seijo Ishii. This product was completed by the liquor buyer through trial and error from the selection of raw materials to the formulation, and after repeated discussions with the menu developer of Le Bar La Vin.

Le Bar a Vin 52 AZABU TOKYO Sangria

Organic wine from La Mancha, Spain was used to reproduce "Sangria with delicious wine". La Mancha is dry all year round, and the temperature rises steadily in the summer, resulting in higher sugar content in the grapes and fruity wines.

Seijo Ishii Sparkling Sangria (Red / White)

Straight fruit juice is used for the fruit, and the type that suits each of red and white is selected. By adding Cointreau (a type of orange liqueur) and vermouth (flavored wine using herbs and spices) as a secret ingredient, a deep taste and aroma are expressed. No fragrance is used.

◆ Red

A blend of orange and pineapple with sweetness and acidity that matches red wine with rich fruit flavor. Although it has the strength of red wine, the aftertaste is fruity and light. It goes well with meat dishes such as prosciutto and salami. It goes well with dishes made with herbs and spices and desserts made with fruits.

Seijo Ishii Sparkling Sangria (Red)

◆ White

Grapefruit juice with less sweetness is used to take advantage of the acidity of white wine. The slight bitterness leads to a clearer taste. Very refreshing with the pleasant mouthfeel of sparkling. It seems good to drink it as an in-meal liquor along with salad or carpaccio.

Seijo Ishii Sparkling Sangria (White)

◆ Snacks are marinated

If you have delicious sangria, you will want it as a snack. I made this marinade using "Seijo Ishii desica marinade" (399 yen).

Seijo Ishii desica Marinated ingredients

To make it, just cut your favorite mushrooms, fry them in a frying pan, and when they become soft, add the marinade and mix. The marinade, which is based on Spanish extra virgin olive oil and mellow sour white wine vinegar, goes well with the delicious mushrooms. Punchy garlic and a refreshing dill scent will come out to your nose. A highly complete product that you wouldn't think you made in 5 minutes.

Seijo Ishii desica Marinated ingredients

With "Seijo Ishii Sparkling Sangria" and delicious snacks, you'll feel like you're at a bar at home. Why don't you enjoy it during the relaxing time at night?