Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
Call the chef

At Ministop, the new fruit parfait "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait" will be released in limited quantities from March 17th. It will be released nationwide on March 24th. The price is 390 yen (tax included).

This is a parfait with the image of "strawberry millefeuille cake". Plenty of strawberries combined with soft serve vanilla, custard sauce and crispy pie.

I tried it a little earlier, but the juicy, sweet and sour strawberries, the melty sweet ice cream, the rich custard and the fragrant pie quartet are irresistibly delicious!

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
What is this best

That's why I called a chef (developer)!

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
I ’m Inoguchi, the person in charge of development.

Chef: I'm Inoguchi in charge of development.

Me: The parfait is really delicious, please tell me the secret!

Inoguchi: First of all, the positioning of the custard sauce. Actually, at first I wanted to put the sauce in the bottom of the cup. Millefeuille will be completed in your mouth for the first time when you finish eating. However, after receiving the opinion that "it is better to feel the guts and millefeuilles first" in the company, and after repeated trial and error, I settled in this position (just below the pie and strawberries).

Me: Certainly, the taste of soft serve ice cream, custard, strawberries and pie was all from the first bite! The first impression is a cool cake rather than a parfait.

Inoguchi: By the way, the custard sauce has brandy and vanilla flavors added to the secret flavor.

Me: I'm elaborate!

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
Check the location of the custard sauce

Inoguchi: Also, I was particular about pies.

Me: After all! It was delicious, so I felt it was light.

Inoguchi: (smiling.)

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
Inoguchi looks happy

Inoguchi: I had the option of crushing the pie into small pieces and topping it, but I wanted to give it the texture of millefeuille, so I decided to keep it large. After ordering, the pie is split at the store and inserted, but the dough is baked with a large number of holes so that it will not crack when it is transported to the store and will not bulge too much compared to ordinary pies.

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
Even if the ice cream stains, it remains crispy

Inoguchi: We will freeze the pie immediately after it is baked so that it will not absorb moisture and become soft while it is being transported to the store. We will serve this as it is, so you can enjoy the scent of the pie and the crispy texture until the end.

Me: Sure, the pie didn't go away at all until I finished eating! It was crispy until the end and had a fragrant flavor every time I chewed it.

Inoguchi: Thank you! I think it's a parfait that gives you a sense of satisfaction when you finish eating.

Me: It's !! Thank you for your feast !!

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
It was delicious

This pie is really crispy and delicious, and you can enjoy it by scooping up soft serve ice cream or custard sauce, or mixing it with the whole while chopping it with a spoon. In the second half, please try entwining soft serve ice cream and custard in a crushed pie. Is happy.

Ministop "Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait"
Take your time to taste

I'm glad that the calories are 190kcal, which is unexpectedly low even though it is delicious! I can't make a lot of strawberry millefeuille parfaits, so it's sold in limited quantities. Don't miss it!