Bourbon "White Alfort Mini Chocolate Salt Vanilla"
Kobe Port Opening 150th Anniversary!

Bourbon released a product "White Alfort Mini Chocolate Salt Vanilla" commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of Kobe Port nationwide on February 28th. 12 pieces, the estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax).

This is a product created through industry-academia-government collaboration between Bourbon, Kobe Gakuin University, and Kobe City. It is a combination of salty white chocolate and fragrant biscuits. The image of Kobe's "high collar culture" is that the biscuits are unified in white.

The package design is also based on white, combined with blue that reminds us of the port and the sea, and a photo of Kobe port and a commemorative logo mark are added to appeal the Kobe brand.