Cup Noodle Kaoru Seafood (Shanra Kaisen) Flavor
"The best cup noodle in the world" is now available in regular size

From the "Cup Noodle" series, a new regular size product "Cup Noodle Shangra Kaisen Flavor" will be released on March 6th. The price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

This product is a flavor from Hong Kong that won first place in the "World Cup Noodle General Election". First appeared in Japan in November 2016 in big size. It will be deployed in regular size this time.

The soup is a dry soup that brings out the richness, sourness, and spiciness by adding the flavor of kimchi to the umami of seafood and pork. The supple, chewy and slick noodles are combined with the ingredients squid, eggs, cabbage, red bells, corn and green onions.

* Since it is manufactured in Japan, some specifications are different from the products actually sold in Hong Kong.