Starbucks Coffee "Banana & Butterscotch Tart"
New foods one after another in Starbucks!

At each Starbucks Coffee store, a food menu ahead of spring was launched on February 15th. Introducing 5 notable foods you want to eat right now!

● Stone kiln Philone Lemon butter chicken (460 yen, tax not included, same below)

Starbucks Coffee "Stone Kiln Philone Lemon Butter Chicken"

Philone with lemon butter sauce, which is popular every year, is now available as stone oven Philone bread. The volume of chicken has also increased, and the sauce has become "more delicious".

Chicken mixed with lemon and parsley sauce, sautéed cabbage, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and yellow peppers are mixed and sandwiched in a stone kiln philone. Finished with lemon butter sauce. This year's lemon butter sauce enhances the sourness of lemon and the flavor of butter, and emphasizes the contrast between sourness and richness.

● Pastrami sandwich (500 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Pastorami Sandwich"

A sandwich featuring "pastrami beef", which is popular in the United States. Barley bread sandwiched with pastrami beef, cream cheese, marinated onion, tomatoes and green leaf. Seasoned with herb sauce.

Pastrami beef seems to enjoy a complex harmony that combines the texture of meat with spices and herbs. Roasted almonds are mixed with cream cheese to add an accent to the texture.

While it is delicious with plenty of pastrami beef, the sourness of cream cheese, the freshness of vegetables, and the refreshing taste of herb sauce make it a refreshing and easy-to-eat taste.

● Sakura chiffon cake (380 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Sakura Chiffon Cake"

The popular Sakura chiffon cake is back again this year. It is baked by kneading powdered cherry leaves and pasted cherry blossoms into a moist, chewy and smooth dough.

The cherry blossom petals toppings are salted. The sweet cake is accented with salt, and it will entertain you until the last bite. All the ingredients for Sakura are domestically produced.

● Orange pie (460 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Orange Pie"

A pie where you can enjoy sweet and sour Valencia and Blood, two types of oranges. A crispy pie is layered with a dough mixed with orange juice, oil and peel, and topped with plenty of juicy, sweet and sour Valencia orange pulp. It is finished with a rich blood orange napage over the top.

In addition, it is said that the sweet and sour taste of orange is enhanced by combining the sour cream with sour cream added to the fresh cream.

● Banana & Butterscotch Tart (440 yen)

Starbucks Coffee "Banana & Butterscotch Tart"

A tart where you can enjoy the sweetness and richness of a fruity banana. Damand dough with plenty of banana pulp is covered with almond and hazelnut fillings, and whipped cream with fluffy banana pulp, banana fillings and almond powder is layered.

Topped with butterscotch sauce to finish. It tastes perfect for coffee.