7-ELEVEN "Joel Robuchon Caramel-with orange"
Robuchon's favorite ice bar, new work will be released

The premium ice bar "Joel Robuchon Caramel with Orange" will be on sale from February 21st (excluding some stores) exclusively for 7-ELEVEN stores in the Kanto (excluding northern Kanto) and Tokai areas. The price is 300 yen (tax included).

This product was completed after improvement in response to Mr. Robuchon's order, "I want to challenge uncompromising ice cream." It is said that it pursues "texture and smoothness" by using egg yolk while suppressing emulsifiers and stabilizers as much as possible.

Ice cream with caramel sauce, candied orange peel, and orange sauce is coated with "blond chocolate", which is attracting attention as the "fourth chocolate". In addition, it is said that adding ginger to the secret flavor creates a refreshing scent.

7-ELEVEN "Joel Robuchon Caramel-with orange"
Enjoy the caramel and orange mariage