Nissin Foods "Maneki no Ekisoba Tempura"
Maneki no Ekisoba Tempura

Nissin Foods released "Maneki no Ekisoba Tempura" and "Maneki no Ekisoba Kitsune" on February 13th in the Kinki area. The estimated price is 180 yen each (excluding tax).

All of them are cup noodles that reproduce Himeji Station's famous "Maneki no Ekisoba".

Maneki no Ekisoba Tempura is based on the image of a standard product that is gaining popularity as a signboard menu for Maneki. Straight fried noodles with slickness are combined with soup stock made from Japanese-style bonito flakes and mackerel flakes. Kayaku is tempura.

On the other hand, Maneki no Ekisoba Kitsune has fried tofu instead of tempura.

Nissin Foods "Maneki no Ekisoba Kitsune"
Mimicry Ekisoba Kitsune