Nissin "Nissin Donbei Akaoni Beni Ginger Ten Soba


Nissin Foods will release "Nissin Donbei Akaoni Beni Ginger Ten-Soba". The product will go on sale on January 16. The price is 214 yen per unit (excluding tax).


Aka Oni Beni Ginger Ten Soba Due to the popularity of "Nissin-no-Donbei Aka Oni Beni Ginger Ten Soba" released last year in connection with "Setsubun Soba," the popular "Beni Ginger Ten Soba" is being released again this year with a more powerful version of the popular "Beni Ginger Ten".

The bright red "beni ginger tempura," which is inspired by the image of the red devil, has a crispy texture, but the amount of red ginger has been increased to enhance the spiciness and sourness of the tempura. The sauce, which goes perfectly with the "beni-ginger tempura," has a rich and deep flavor that blends bonito dashi and marudai soy sauce.

The noodles are straight and comfortable to grind. The sauce is rich and deep, harmonized with bonito dashi and marudaim soy sauce. Ingredients are bright red "beni-ginger-ten" and green onion. The "beni-ginger-ten" has more red ginger for a tangy and sour taste.

This Setsubun, try the classic ehoumaki and Donbei's Setsubun soba to bring in a lot of good fortune.