Many of the dates for Japanese anniversaries are determined by "wordplay". Even just looking at the anniversary of October, the day of "beans (10) puns (2)" on October 2, the day of "throwing (10) capital (4)" on October 4, October 9 The day of "American Dot (10) Gu (9)" and the puns, or the ones whose dates are fixed by puns, are full of people. On October 26th, many people are wondering how to react when they are told face-to-face that "Today is the day of (10), (2), and (6)!" right.

But of course there are anniversaries that have nothing to do with puns. One of them is "Coffee Day". This was established because the beginning of the year of green coffee bean trading stipulated by the international agreement is October.

Apex , which operates cup-type vending machines for coffee drinks, investigates regional characteristics and seasonal characteristics related to coffee drinking from the sales of 58,000 cup-type vending machines nationwide in connection with this "Coffee Day". , Announced the result.

■ Hokkaido region to drink iced coffee even in the middle of winter

According to the company's survey, iced coffee is consumed 1.5 times more in Hokkaido during the midwinter period from December to February than in other areas. Hokkaido is said to enjoy cold things such as ice cream indoors in the cold winter. The result confirms that with coffee.

■ Kinki region where iced coffee sells better than anywhere else in midsummer

In the Kinki region, iced coffee sells better than any other region from July to August in midsummer. Because of the Kinki region, which loves iced coffee with its own name of "Reiko," it may be that he has a stronger attachment to iced coffee than anywhere else.

■ Kanto region where the temperature of 30 ℃ is the sales branch of hot and ice cream

There is a strong correlation between temperature and hot and ice sales trends in coffee anywhere in the country. For example, in the Kanto region, iced coffee sales exceed hot coffee when the temperature reaches 30 ° C (86 ° F). The Japan Meteorological Agency has set a day when the maximum temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius as a midsummer day, which may be an exquisite definition that matches people's lives and tastes.