Most people will think of something like this when they hear "birthday cake."

Typical birthday cake (Source: Wikipedia)

The cake is decorated with fruits and the same number of candles as the age is erected. Yes, this is a birthday cake.

However, it seems that the birthday cakes of Okinawans are a little different. In Okinawa, there are many places to celebrate birthdays with "German cake". This year is the 40th anniversary of Okinawa's return to the mainland. With the meaning of celebrating Okinawa's 40th birthday, the En-eating editorial department ordered "German cake" from "Jimmy's" in Okinawa.

Here is the package of German cake that came all the way across the sea.

Jimmy's German Cake Package

Now, let's open the box and take it out.

I took it out!

This is German cake. It's a simple cake with a coconut filling on top of a chocolate cake.

Well, this German cake looks good, but I think children aren't very happy with it. Because it's a birthday cake. Isn't it more important for children to look gorgeous than to be delicious? In this look, it's more like a Margherita pizza than a birthday cake.

Viewed from above. If you forcibly insist, "This is Margherita," there should be some people who are convinced that it is.

I was worried, so I asked the editorial staff from Okinawa. As a result, it turned out that this plain part was important. In Okinawa, people celebrate by writing a message or drawing a picture on this white coconut filling with chocolate syrup.

I asked him to draw it.

Marukaitecho, Marukaitecho

A flowerpot with diligent eyes

Doraemon with a beard!

what about? If this is the case, the children will be overjoyed. If you draw not only Doraemon but also Anpanman and other characters that the child likes, there is no doubt that it will be exciting.

Even so, it is an Okinawan citizen's despise to draw Doraemon of such quality in an instant without a draft!

It's a little disappointing that if you cut it out, there will be no trace of Doraemon.

Okinawan German cake with hand-drawn pictures and hand-drawn messages. It is also recommended as a birthday cake in the mainland!