The renewal release of Kirin Beverage's "Tokuho Cola" and "Kirin Mets Cola" scheduled for March 4 has been postponed in a hurry. The cause is said to be the package design.

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Kirin Mets Cola is a cola-based beverage that was first launched in the Tokuho (food for specified health use) beverage market. It contains indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber) and was launched in April 2012 as a food for specified health use that suppresses the absorption of fat during meals.

This renewal is to strengthen the "carbonation" and "taste sharpness" and change to a stylish package design. Due to a flaw in this package design, the release scheduled for March 4th has been postponed.

According to the company, it was found that the Japanese product name (Japanese product name) "Kirin Mets Cola" that must be stated on the package for foods for specified health use was missing, so both 480 ml PET bottles and 1.5 L PET bottles were released. The day will be postponed.

In addition, the "Kirin Mets Cola" Transfer Discount "Campaign" that has been held since February 28 will also be temporarily suspended. Those who have already applied will be able to participate as they are after the campaign resumes.