At each Chateraise store, a "Christmas cake tasting fair" is held where you can taste "tasting-sized" cakes before making a reservation for Christmas cakes. The fair period is until December 8th.

I want to taste everything ...
I want to taste everything ...

The "Christmas Cake Tasting Fair" is a fair where small-sized Christmas cakes "Tasting Cakes" are sold. There are 9 types of "tasting cakes" from Baumkuchen to fruit tarts.

The target "tasting cakes" are as follows.

Xmas tasting premium strawberry shortcake 400 yen
Xmas tasting chateau caramelia 350 yen
Xmas tasting chateau phrase 400 yen
Xmas tasting fruit train 300 yen
Xmas tasting party baum 250 yen
Xmas Tasting Kumamoto Prefecture Waguri Mont Blanc 350 yen
Xmas tasting fruit tart 400 yen
Xmas tasting triple cheesecake 200 yen
Xmas tasting strawberry souffle cheesecake 200 yen

Chateraise Christmas cakes are available for pre-order until December 15th.